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The most complex complementary training program for hockey you can find.
Available 24/7 from anywhere for the most ambitious hockey players & goalies.

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We have created yoga training that will take your hockey career to a whole new level. 


This is a complete “follow along” style yoga training designed specifically to help hockey players and goalies increase hockey performance.

Jakub Sirota is one of the core supporters of YFH. As a professional athlete and the new captain of University of Maine he knows what’s good for his body and mind. 


The program contains a number of video training sessions. Each training session is made with a particular goal for a particular body part.


In general you will increase your flexibility, mobility and range of motion, gain strength, develop your focus and reaction time. You will also learn to control your breath.


In every video session you will be led and guided by a professional yoga teacher with +10 years of teaching experience.

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Jan  Andrysek
hockey coach

I am Czech ex ice hockey player and an active roller hockey player. I quit hockey when I was 20 and I moved to Spain to play roller hockey professionally.

That’s where I started to exercise yoga. I started at first just to work on my mobility. Worked great. My skating improved and my body felt healthy. Later I discovered that yoga not only benefits my body but also my mind. I found out that I can practice the ability to focus, visualise hockey situations. I learned how to use my breath more efficiently and I learned many other things. It had such a great impact on my roller hockey career and life that I decided to share it.

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